Southland BMZ Club Licencing are as follows

Club Fee

$40.00 Sprocket (Under 7)

$40 Challenge/Championship (Race at club and other events outside Southland) or Regional Licence (Race only at our club nights) 


BMXNZ Licences ​Southland BMX club is fully affiliated with BMX NZ and are required to race under their terms and conditions. All riders in a club ​MUST ​be licensed with BMX NZ before they attend their 4​th club Training (i.e. they are allowed 3 free sessions prior to committing to BMXNZ).

Regional License 2023/24​- $30 per annum. This allows you to participate in all of our ClubNights, Training nights and any regional open. It excludes competing in all NQM events.·

​Sprocket License 2023/24 ​- $50 per annum – 7 and under. Riders who select this license receive their own bike number plate, and skill training booklets. This license type allows you toparticipate in all BMX race events, including South Island Champs and Nationals.

Challenge License 2023/24 ​- $80 per annum. Riders who select this license will get to choose theirown bike number plate. This license type allows you to participate in all BMX race events,including South Island Champs and Nationals

Your Licence runs from 1st Jan - 31st December, if you're unsure please ask.

How do I sign up??

It is easy and all online....  See below for details, fill in your details and you are good to go.