BMX is for kids of all ages and grown ups, and is a great opportunity for mums and dads to participate in, and share the rewards of an exciting sport with their kids. Once tried, you'll be hooked for life. Come on. Give it a go.

Who can join

Anybody of any age can come and ride. From the smallest under 5 to the more mature riders of 55 plus. There is a grade to suit each rider.

Season 1 January – 31 December

Season starts 1 January to April with a winter break.

Some racing available during winter weather permitting

Then starts in October to 31 December 


The first 3 club nights are free, and then once you've got your pedals spinning, you can join up! When you do join,  you can choose to ride with either a full, club or sprocket licence, depending on how much riding you want to do. (See Membership) All riders, once they have completed their 3 free nights, need to see the secretary to join the SLD BMX Club & BMXNZ.  

Bike, Helmet & Glove Hire

Bikes $3, Helmet $2 per night, per rider on club nights.

As these bikes/gear are limited in number, & are aimed at new riders, to see if they like BMX. Then you will need to get your own bike, helmet and gloves. 


The season runs from September through to April (or daylight savings). Every Wednesday during this time is training night. This is where you will work on basic skills. If this is your first time to bmx club registration is 5:30-6:15pm. The groups aren't run in age groups but will  be run at your ability. This is a good time to use one of our club bikes (free of charge on training nights) to see what is best suited for your child/ Adult. Please arrive early if you wish to use a club bike. as we only have a limited amount and it is a first come policy.

Training ​– The building block of the club is members and the basic skills involved in riding a bike. It is therefore really important for the skills to be taught/built up and that riders have the opportunity to improve on their techniques and abilities. The most important night for any rider is training night. This is when theyare able to focus on learning the skills which will enable them to improve as a rider. They will also get to try out racing skills before taking the next step to a club race night. It is really important to remember that what group the rider is in. It is NOT set by their age but by their SKILL set. Please trust the coaches at what group they are in, this will not only develop their skills but also rider safety. ​All paid up memberscan attend training nights and gate ready Club nights.

The first official training night will be Monday the 9​th ​October. Followed by Friday Night racing on the 6​th ​October. ​Please note club night times below.


SPROCKETS/ NEWBIES 5.30pm – 6.15pm​:

This session will be for our sprocket and newer riders and will be run using the BMX NZ Sprocket program as a guide. This is a basic skills program teaching balancing, cornering, pedaling, etc. Groups will be run through skill exercises and will also have some track time. Riders will be informed when they are gate/race ready.

JUNIOR 6:30pm – 7:30pm​:

This session will be for younger riders who have passed through the sprocket program or have shown they are beyond the skill level taught in the Sprocket book. This group will include riders who are racing at a Club level. No set age has been identified. If a rider is identified asable to take on more advanced training they will be moved to the advanced group. This will be up to the coaches only.


Monday nights are for our senior and intermediate riders,

Intermediate Riders 5:30 ​– ​6:30

This session is for the clubs advanced riders who will work on advanced bike skills and race performance. 

Intermediate/Senior Riders 5:30 ​– ​6:30

This session is for the clubs advanced riders who will work on advanced bike skills and race performance fitness and nutrition. .


During the BMX season,

Fridays club racing days start on daylight saving. Racing check-In 5.45pm - 6pm, Racing begins at 6.15pm. Friday night is run as a hotshot format. This means that they race to their ability, it is not super competitive and a great chance to move them slowly into competitive racing. Plus it's a great chance to watch some of our elite riders and meet the rest of the families. The club is all run by volunteers and always welcome any families who wish to help out, so please feel free to put your hand up, but no pressure.

Checking In

When arriving for training and club nights, one of first things to be done is to register your riders at the points hut. All riders are welcome, and are encouraged to come to coaching nights, where some of the more experienced riders give their time to coach other members with our own coach.

For club night racing the name of the rider is registered under his or her particular age group or grade. Each club night comprises of 4-5 motos (techno talk for races), rider of the night trophy awarded.

If parents are not actually racing, they are still expected to be present at the track and take responsibility for their children, if their children are aged 15 or younger.

Club nights/days are a great intro to the sport, we run a BBQ and have drinks available for sale, to keep the energy levels up for racers and spectators alike.


For club nights you may use a standard bike from home. However, once a rider has decided to join the club and ride on a more regular basis, he/she may decide to purchase a bike more specific to BMX. At club nights and other meetings, second hand bikes can regularly be found for sale, Trade Me.

Ask at the points hut for info regarding bikes for sale, and also for assistance, if you need help selecting a bike.

Don't forget, there is a limited supply of bikes for hire at the club. The club face book page is also a good place to spot bikes for sale.Please make sure that you feel committed to BMX, before you upgrade your bike!

BMX racing bikes are referred to as either 20 inch class or cruiser class. The 20"class reflects the 20 inch diameter of the wheels, and can be further broken down to different frame sizes.

The frame size is matched to the size of the rider.

Bike types and sizes can be a bit confusing at first, but there are plenty of "old hands" out there to help explain these differences. Don't be afraid to ask!

Safety Gear

Clothes - You must wear

1) Long trousers

2) Long sleeved top, sleeves down to wrists, preferably with padded elbows

3) Shoes and socks

4) Full fingered gloves.

5) Helmet - Full face helmet.

6) All Sprocket riders must wear knee and elbow protection.

Refer to THE RULE BOOK for full details.


Current Season Calender 

This  is all on the website and is packed full of info regarding things like bike requirements, safety gear, event dates, and clubs etc and is well worth a read.

It also contains race rules and regulations for those who want to take their riding a bit further.

Age Classification

As a newbie, you will hear the terms "age on the day" and UCI age and most likely will feel

completely confused! No sweat. While age on the day is self explanatory, UCI age is not.

UCI age is the rider's age on 31st December of the Current Year.

Age on the Day applies to Sprocket Rockets Only & the odd meeting like our Club Champs.

Bike Number Plates

For competition riding a number plate must be attached to the front of the handlebars. A number plate shall be 20-25cm high, and 25-30cm wide, and made of plastic or similar flexible material.

Once again, for full details of the letter and number requirements for these plates, please refer to THE RULE BOOK.

When Sprockets register (under 8's) they will receive a number plate from BMXNZ.

Club and Open Class riders will need to purchase their own.

For the number on your plate there is a log book with the secretary and points hut showing currently registered riders and the number plates still available for our riders.

To Purchase Gear

To Purchase bikes/gear - ask around at the club. Our kids are forever growing and families are happy to buy/sell or exchange. Facebook groups like BMX exchange have a lot of gear for sale. It is recommended to always buy second hand. 

Parent Involvement

We highly encourage all parents to get involved in the club in whatever way they can. We always need help with the bbq, help with cleaning up afterwards, working bees etc.

Ask at the points hut and we will gladly team you up with someone. This is a great way to feel part of the action, meet new people and show your kids your commitment to their sport.

Race Meetings

To run a great meeting our working party may need be ask for your help, in running these events, and during the season we will ask you and teach you as you go. Any jobs you don't mind doing let some one know it would be greatly appreciated.

Monthly Meetings

Each month, the club as an incorporated society, has a monthy meeting. This is normally run at Stadium Southland and are the first Tuesday of each month over the BMX season. All members are welcomed and encouraged to come along as all ideas are valuable, there are no expectations or pressure put on parents to attend but we do encourage you to.

Health Safety

Accidents can happen in this sport, but there are lots of ways that you can prevent injury. Always wear a full face helmet when using the track, gloves, long pants and long sleeve tops during BMX club meets and outside of BMX club meets. Parents/caregivers should always be present during any training, or club racing! If your child comes off, they will always look for their parents/caregivers. There is a safety sign at the track, please read over it.